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Storage Field Day 7 – 11-13 March 2015

Tech Field Day 1

Next week I will be in the Bay Area to attend Storage Field Day #7, the latest event of Stephen Foskett’s hugely successful Tech Field Days.  The Tech Field Day (TFD) series has been running since 2009 (see the nice picture with the first attendees in it) and has grown to encompass specific disciplines including virtualisation, networking, wireless and potentially “big data” ... Read More »

IBM Invented Everything in Tech

More Fun

I’m writing this blog post as a somewhat tongue-in-cheek response to various comments I’ve made over the years (and recently) about how IBM appears to have already created what’s new in tech, especially with reference to the mainframe.  I’ll re-emphasise the light hearted nature of this post as clearly IBM can’t actually have created everything, however they are a very successful hardware company ... Read More »

Has NetApp Reached a Strategic Inflection Point?

Basket full of fresh farm eggs

Chris Mellor recently covered IDC’s quarterly disk shipment report, which measures the market leaders in enterprise storage.  As Chris points out, NetApp continues to decline, with reduced revenue over the last three quarters.  I’ve talked for some time about NetApp reaching an inflection point with Data ONTAP, their storage array operating system.  Has the legacy of running two incompatible storage operating ... Read More »

CEO Updates: Tintri and Violin Memory (updated)


Over the last two weeks I’ve had the opportunity to meet with CEOs from two startup companies in the storage industry.  Both are relatively new to their positions, however each company has very different challenges ahead. Violin Memory is one of the original all-flash storage vendors which went through a rather rocky IPO last year; Tintri is a startup focusing ... Read More »

Tech Trailblazer Winners 2014: Nutanix; PernixData; VMTurbo


The results are out for the 2014 Tech Trailblazer awards and there’s a few old favourites in the list of categories I follow and voted in, including Nutanix, Pernix Data and VMTurbo.  Runners-up include Avere Systems and GridStore. This year’s voting event was bigger and better than ever.  The judging list contains some prestigious names in technology and of course ... Read More »

Why EMC Should Have Bought IBM’s Server Business


By now the news will be out – Lenovo are buying IBM’s X Server business.  But what would happen if things had been different and EMC made the first move? I’m sure many of you are thinking that this strategy would make no sense, but bear with me for a moment.  Firstly let’s look at EMC’s business as it stands ... Read More »