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Goodbye Xsigo It Was Nice Knowing You


Yesterday Oracle Corp announced their intention to acquire Xsigo Systems Inc for an as yet undisclosed sum of money.  Xsigo was one of the original presenters at Tech Field Day back in November 2009.  That was the the inaugural event where I met great friends like Simon Seagrave, Greg Knieriemen and many more. Xsigo’s technology is all about consolidating the storage and ... Read More »

Review: ToughTech Secure Mini-Q


Over the last couple of years I’ve moved away from personal physical disk media to using technologies like Dropbox as my method of carrying around files.  This is a pretty obvious migration; Dropbox, Google Drive and others provide additional features, including the most obvious one; they keep all your data in sync. However, there’s one area where cloud-based synchronisation becomes ... Read More »

Server Virtualization and Storage Management: Better Integration, Specialized Tools


In the past decade or so, storage management has developed into a discipline in its own right, driven by big increases in the amount of data being stored, as well as the rise of storage networking protocols that facilitate shared storage. Virtualization, meanwhile, has become the foremost technology for server and PC optimization.  In this environment, shared storage provides functionality that would ... Read More »

Booting from PCIe SSD – Do We Need It?


Texas Memory Systems have just announced that their RamSan-70 PCIe SSD cards can now be used as bootable devices.  Currently support is restricted only to Linux operating systems with x86 64-bit hardware supporting the UEFI boot standard, but Windows support is expected later in the year. I’m struggling to decide whether this is a feature we need within the server. ... Read More »

Cloud Archiving – Podcast and Article


My latest article and podcast are up on searchstorage.co.uk.  I discuss the use of cloud storage for archiving.  Links are below. Cloud archiving: A viable alternative to in-house archiving systems (Podcast) Cloud archive: The most mature of the cloud storage services (Article)   Read More »

Slides from London VMUG 19th July 2012


Here are my slides from the London VMUG yesterday.  It was a great event and thanks to everyone who attended the session.  Good to meet you all!   Read More »