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Raspberry Pi Launch Aims to Herald New Era of Education in Computing


Today is the official launch of the Raspberry Pi, an ambitious UK project to create low cost computing with the aim of bringing a proper understanding of computing back to education.  The device is itself is a fully fledged computer the size of a credit card with external USB and HDMI connectors.  What’s remarkable about Raspberry Pi is the price; ... Read More »

Electronic Organisers: From Paper to iPhone

iPAQ hx4700

This weekend I took the kids to Staples to pick up supplies for the start back to school.  Adam (Son #2) was looking for a folder to keep his homework and other assorted books in, when he spotted Filofax folders and decided that would work for him.  It took me a while to explain what Filofax was and that they ... Read More »

Hitachi Attacks Migration Costs with Non-Disruptive Migration Feature

Hitachi Non-Disruptive Migration

It’s probably fair to say that data migration is one of the most tedious tasks in storage management.  Moving data from one array to another, simply to decommission a piece of hardware or for load and capacity balancing, doesn’t ever inspire me. But it’s a necessary evil and one I’ve done many times.  Unless the existing storage configuration has been ... Read More »

EMC Enters The Market With “Me Too” Flash Products


Yesterday EMC finally revealed the details on their not-so-secret Lightning and Thunder flash projects.  Fortunately this launch event didn’t include cramming small people into minis or firing Chad Sakac out of a cannon, but was more focused on the market and products EMC are bringing to it.  There was also a large amount of Twitter activity; look back at the ... Read More »

Nekkid Tech at Dell Storage Forum London


Last month I briefly took part in Nekkid Tech Podcast #14.  This was recorded in London at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese Pub on Fleet Street.  The evening itself was quite entertaining and loud as you can hear from the podcast.  Greg and Ed interviewed a number of the Dell management team on what to expect from Dell in storage in ... Read More »