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Fusion-IO Shares Tumble as New Entrants Prepare to Enter The Market


It’s never a good day at the office when your shares drop by 20% in a single day.  However the relentless drive to produce better results quarter-on-quarter is what the US stock markets demand of publicly listed companies such as Fusion-IO.  Poor results this week saw their shares punished by a drop from just over $30 to below $25 today. ... Read More »

What to Watch in Storage for 2012


As I write this post, 2012 is already 6.3% completed.  So, for the remaining 93.7% of the year, what can we expect the storage themes to be?  What will companies be focused on and what can we expect from the vendors? Data Reduction The recent flooding in Thailand has had everyone on high alert about the rise in disk prices, ... Read More »