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Is Amazon Silk Too Good To Be True?


There’s lots of news over the last 24 hours about the release of the latest Kindle device (the Kindle Fire) and yet another browser coming to the marketplace.  The Fire will have it’s own browser, named Silk, using the analogy of silk cloth of being made up of many individual threads.  Amazon Inc are claiming the Silk architecture will improve ... Read More »

Alternative to Hybrid Drives – OCZ Synapse SSD


It’s hard to believe that over 3 years ago I asked a question on where hybrid drive technology had reached.  I was thinking of the Enterprise market at the time and as far as I am aware, at this stage, no Enterprise storage array manufacturers have yet integrated these devices into their products.  At the consumer level, of course there ... Read More »

US Programmer Uses Cloud Computing to Write The Works of Shakespeare


Probability says that with an infinite number of monkeys and typewriters given an infinite amount of time, at some stage the monkeys will produce the entire works of Shakespeare. According to this BBC News article, a programmer in the US has tried to do just that, using AWS (Amazon Web Services).  He’s created virtual monkeys that run on AWS instances, ... Read More »

Intel Inside Storage Arrays?


During one of the Intel presentations at the Developer Forum last week the presenter made the statement that Intel processors are deployed in 70%-80%  of storage arrays shipped today.  Initially this may seem like a surprise but on closer inspection, it’s pretty obvious to see that it’s probably an accurate statement.  EMC converted to Xeon technology with VMAX and already ... Read More »

[Podcast] – Discussion on Storage at Intel Developer Forum


While I was at the Intel Developer Forum last week I recorded a podcast with Allyson Klein, Director of technology Leadership marketing for the Data Center Group at Intel.  You can find this and other podcasts here: http://www.intel.com/design/chipchat.htm   Read More »

VAAI Posturing


With yet another HDS/VAAI post coming out from Scott Lowe (here), the irrelevant debate continues as to who is in and who is out of VMware’s inner circle of trusted storage vendors.  Previously my friend Stephen Foskett discussed HDS’s position regarding VMware integration in this post, which followed on from an original post by Chris Mellor (who I hope would ... Read More »