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Chromebook – The Balance of Risk and Cost


Yesterday’s post generated a few comments that focused on the cost and ease of use of the Chromebook.  Now it’s time to put a data management spin onto it. Today we keep our primary data either directly on our PC/laptop or on a file server.  File server can mean many things; a home NAS server, a corporate Enterprise server or ... Read More »

Chromebook – What are Google Thinking?


I’ve just been watching a discussion on the Google Chromebook on BBC Breakfast.  Surprisingly the presenters had some half decent questions to ask Rory Cellan-Jones as he showed them the latest attempt by Google to grab a further hold on the IT market.  But what makes Google think this device is in any way a practical replacement for a laptop ... Read More »

VIDEO: HP Discover 2011 – P4800

Here’s another video from HP Discover 2011 last week.  In this one I talk to Kate Davis about the P4800.  I’ve been pretty much all in on commodity storage hardware these days and the P4800 is another example of this.  You’ll see in the video that the two blades run a clustered P4000 system, with storage provided via MDS600 drive ... Read More »

VAAI – Offloading or Maintaining Control?

During last week’s HP Discover 2011 event, Nigel Poulton (@nigelpoulton) raised a very interesting point regarding the way VMware potentially intend to control the storage space through VMFS and the apparent contradiction in terms of also pushing off tasks to the storage array through VAAI.  I thought it worth expanding on these discussions in more detail as the difference and ... Read More »

HDS Join the Converged Infrastructure Club


Yesterday HDS announced (via this press release) their entry into the converged infrastructure market.  The solution offerings go under the name Hitachi Unified Computing Platform and comprise reference architectures and orchestration software to bring the whole thing together.  While I think it is a good thing that HDS are starting to deliver unified solutions, I’m not sure the initial approach ... Read More »

HP Discover 2011 – Day 5 – Chat with Lee Johns

In a slightly distracted post, I talk with Thomas Jones, Devang Panchigar, Nigel Poulton and Lee Johns, Director of Converged Storage at HP about the new Converged Storage Strategy and Store 360, the framework bringing all of the recent storage acquisitions to the same platform. The podcast was recorded in “I Love Burgers” in the Venetian/Palazzo complex and back at ... Read More »