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Updated: Vodafone Blame Outage on Break-in

Vodafone (UK mobile phone network) are blaming today’s outage to a large number of their customers on a break-in at their data centre in Basingstoke.  There are no specific press releases on their website (this link fails badly) however comments on Twitter indicate tens of thousands of customers may be affected. Update:  This article on Computer Weekly claims 3.2 million ... Read More »

VMware vs. Microsoft Virtualization: Is Hyper-V “Good Enough”?

In the world of x86 server virtualization, there’s no doubt that VMware’s vSphere dominates. This 2010 IDC virtualization report shows VMware as the only company in the upper right segment of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. However Citrix (with Xen Server) and Microsoft (with Hyper-V) are close behind. So, could the Microsoft solution be “good enough” for organizations that don’t want to ... Read More »

Windows Storage Viewer 1.0

I’m not really a Command Line Guy (although I have no problem with scripting) but since the days of ISPF, I’ve preferred to use GUIs.  So following up on my post last week I thought it would be nice to have a GUI version of my iSCSI checker.  You can download version 1 of my Windows Storage Viewer, a graphical ... Read More »

You can’t trust what you read on the Internet – Unless it’s EMC

Seems like Chris Mellor has struck a raw nerve with EMC and in particular Chad Sakac over this article he wrote for The Register.  Unfortunately Chad’s response makes him appear more like a spoilt child than a marketing professional who’s prepared to take the rough with the smooth in IT marketing.  Of course this isn’t the first time Chad’s been ... Read More »

Data Robotics Releases Business-class Arrays

Today Data Robotics (Drobo) are announcing a new range of storage devices specifically targeted at business customers.  However this is a market that already has many players; what are they offering and how will they fare in this already competitive market? New Devices First of all, let’s take a look at the new storage devices.  Nomenclature has been changed over ... Read More »

Managing iSCSI on Windows 2008 Core with Hyper-V

I've been spending some time recently working with Microsoft's Hyper-V virtualisation platform and one of the major hassles I've experienced is having to use the command line rather than GUI for certain functions. If you're not aware, Windows 2008 Core is a stripped down version of a standard Windows 2008 Server deployment and so has no GUI interface. That makes administering features such as iSCSI a little more challenging. Read More »