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Guest Post: Setting up a Disaster Recovery Plan

This guest post was provided by Sean McCreary on behalf of GFI Software Ltd. For more information about GFI business backup solution visit http://www.gfi.com/business-backup-software When most companies think about disaster recovery, a variety of thoughts come to mind.  If you search for a definition of disaster recovery, you will get slightly different meanings depending on the source.  For the purpose ... Read More »

Hitachi Geek Day: Hitachi Bloggers & Tweeters

It may come as a surprise, but many of the HDS attendees at the Geek Day are also bloggers and tweeters.  I’ve compiled a list of those within Hitachi (including non-attendees) that I’m already aware of.  Feel free to comment if there’s anyone I have missed.  I recommend you follow these people on your RSS feeds and Twitter stream.  After ... Read More »

Hardware Review: Promise SmartStor NS4600 – Part I

This is a series of posts on the Promise SmartStor NS4600 home storage server. Background Promise Technology Inc have been manufacturing RAID controllers since 1988 and iSCSI storage systems since 2004.  In 2007, the company released the first of the SmartStor devices, the NS4300, a fully-functioned home NAS storage array.  That was followed up in 2009 with the second generation ... Read More »

Hitachi Geek Day Summary

Hitachi Geek Day has been and gone and I’m back home in the UK recovering from quick turnaround jetlag.  Originally this event was known as HDS Bloggers Day and in actual fact was a day and a half long.  Somewhere along the line the Geek monika was adopted and has been retained for the page summary on the Hitachi website.  ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Storage Arrays – Where Data Goes to Die

Last week’s news reports that COPAN Systems are back from the dead after their purchase by SGI.  The newly branded arrays have been tweaked (for example 50% of drives can be spinning on the SGI incarnation) but essentially the concept is the same; store shedloads of inactive data. HP Blades Day made me do some serious thinking regarding the way ... Read More »

Hitachi Bloggers Day: Day 0

Here I am again on the start of another vendor blogging day.  As the title of this post suggests, this will be a trip to see Hitachi, or HDS (Hitachi Data Systems) if you prefer.  The Bloggers Day is taking place over two days and is located in San Jose, just south of San Francisco in California.  I’ve previously posted ... Read More »