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Enterprise Computing: The Slow Demise of The Hard Drive

Yesterday Nimbus Data Systems announced the release of their S-Class storage array.  What’s different about this storage device is that it uses purely NAND memory rather than traditional spinning disk.  With it’s arrival, we’re seeing another nail in the coffin of the traditional hard drive. OK, so the S-Class isn’t going to replace hard drives overnight – at $25,000 for ... Read More »

A Week That Changed Everything

I case you didn’t know, I’ve been on holiday since the beginning of April.  I was expecting (after two weeks of rest and relaxation) to be heading off to a new and potentially challenging piece of work.  Unfortunately that work is no longer there.  Not only is the work not there but neither am I – I’m still in the ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: HP Blades Day – Lab Session – Part I

Not being a blades person “per-se”, I was looking forward to the lab session at HP Blades Day where we’d get to understand the physical hardware in more detail.  The video here shows James Singer taking us through the hardware and explaining the basic concepts of how the it is constructed.  What shows through this video is the passion these guys have.  ... Read More »