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Enterprise Computing: HP Blades Tech Day 0

Some of you may be aware that I’m heading to Houston today for an HP sponsored field day looking at blade technology. I have to admit that blades are not my area of speciality, in fact I know precious little about them other than the obvious. Having said that, this is a time to start being more aware of the ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing – Death of Tiering?

I’m not the first to post on the subject of Netapp’s President and CEO Tom Georgens commenting during their latest earnings call on the apparent death of tiering as we know it today. In Netapp’s view, there will be no tiering of storage in the future.  Instead we will be using SATA drives for our data and cache cards.  Here’s ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Netapp The $4Billion Product

I had a conversation last week with a PR company doing research for Netapp.  This followed just after Netapp released their Q4 results, with revenue exceeding expectations at just over $1 billion.  It’s amazing how in the space of less than 20 years they have developed from nothing to a company selling a single $4 billon product. Lots of people ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: New HP Arrays – Updated

Today HP will announce two new storage arrays.  Although taken from different product families, the hardware will be branded in a consistent manner, demonstrating HPs desire to bring together a range of storage technologies they’ve purchased over the last few years. P2000 G3 MSA (Modular Smart Array) System I’ve not been a particular fan of the MSA devices, as I’ve ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Which Vendors Have the Right Vintage in 2010?

There’s no doubt that 2010 will prove to be another tough year in the storage industry.  Customers are looking to continue on cost reduction and austerity programmes, squeezing assets as much as they can.  Of all the storage vendors out there, which have got the the right vintage to succeed?  Here’s my light-hearted look (in no particular order) at how the ... Read More »

Review: Western Digital WD20FYPS 2TB SATA-II Hard Drive

This review covers the Western Digital RE4-GP drive, also known as the WD20FYPS 2TB SATA model.  Previous reviews: http://www.thestoragearchitect.com/2009/09/08/review-western-digital-wd20eads-2tb-sata-ii-hard-drive/ THw WD20FYPS is a 2TB SATA drive from Western Digital’s Enterprise Drive range.  It boasts a larger cache and a whole range of features that should boost performance and reliability.  But are these benefits really worth the additional cost? The Basics ... Read More »