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Happy New Year!

Thanks to everyone who’s taken the time to read my semi-focused rants over the past 12 months.  I’ve been grateful for the interaction and comments, good or bad. You’ll see the site has a new design.  Over the coming 12 months I hope to blog more than ever and to cover technologies in more depth and breadth.  Wherever you are ... Read More »

Personal Computing: The End of The Parallel Interface

This is the time of year I like to do a little early spring cleaning and one group of storage devices due a clean out are my old hard drives. Read More »

Enterprise Computing: CLARiiON; Your Mileage May Vary

As part of my work at Storage Fusion, I get to dig into the inner workings of storage arrays in a way most people don’t (either through inclination or time).  One interesting anomaly we discovered this week was the variability in capacities of CLARiiON disks.  What results from this is that the capacity you expect to see from a particular ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Has EMC Slipped Zero Block Reclaim Into V-Max?

I spent some time today looking at the release notes for Enginuity code 5874.207.166, which presumably is the one that brings the much lauded Fully Automated Storage Tiering (FAST) into general release on V-Max.  Just above the FAST paragraph I found the following: Symmetrix Virtual Provisioning Space Reclamation reduces capacity requirements and total cost of ownership by automatically reclaiming chunks ... Read More »

Review: Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System – Part IV

This is the last in a four-part series of posts on the Sun Storage 7000 USS storage arrays.  Previous posts in this series can be found here: Review: Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System – Part I Review: Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System – Part II Review: Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System – Part III Previous posts have discussed the physical hardware ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Is There Any Point Buying From EMC?

Yesterday, EMC announced Fully Automated Storage Tiering (FAST), their much hyped and much anticipated storage feature enabling the automated moving of data between tiers of storage on a policy basis.  However the most notable missing feature in the EMC announcement was the lack of support for legacy DMX-3 and DMX-4 platforms.  This to me sends a message loud and clear ... Read More »