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Enterprise Computing: Is iSCSI The New Home Protocol?

I’d like to think I’ve visited a lot of customer sites over the years.  Admittedly most of these are “enterprise” class with multi-terabyte if not petabyte quantities of storage.  None of those customers have ever bothered deploying iSCSI as their storage protocol.  Invariably block storage has been implemented using fibre channel and file using CFS or NFS.  Somehow iSCSI just ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: LUN Sizing and Standards

IanHF talked recently about LUN sizes and establishing standards across the enterprise.  The choice of LUN size is a subject I’ve bored people with ad nauseum over the years and this is a good opportunity to go over it again. Why Bother? Ian’s post goes into more detail than the scope I intend to cover here.  In fact, all I’m ... Read More »

Personal Computing: Drobo Replacement

Following on from my Personal Computing: Drobo Wierdness, I have received a replacement unit from Data Robotics.  I thought for a change I’d produce a video and so here is my attempt to swap out my drives into the new unit.  In the end I formatted the existing drives as four new NAS shares.  So the unit is back and working. ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Thin Provisioning and The Cookie Monster!

The Gestalt IT Field Day was a great success in bringing together a mixture of delegates from varying discplines. Following the presentations from 3Par and Symantec, there was heated debate about the implementation of Thin Provisioning and the ability to reclaim released storage resources. This post covers the basic concepts of Thin Provisioning and more importantly how deleted resources can ... Read More »

GestaltIT Tech Field Day – Day 2: Ocarina, Nirvanix and Data Robotics

Day 2 of the Tech Field Day kicked off with a trip to Ocarina Networks. For those who don’t know (a) Ocarina offer a “data reduction” appliance (b) an ocarina is a small oval, china flute. I say data reduction as the Ocarina appliance uses a variety of methods for reducing data size, including compression and de-duplication. The main presenters for ... Read More »

Gestalt IT Tech Field Day – Day 1: MDS Micro, Xsigo, VMware

Day 1 of the Gestalt IT Field Day started early at 7am with a trip to VMware and their executive briefing centre where breakfast was provided.   As well as food, there was an opportunity to see the “data centre in a rack”, used at VMworld to run all of the demo and presentation materials. Once replete, we were whisked ... Read More »