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Enterprise Computing: New HDS AMS – Do We Need Enterprise Storage?

I’ve just been reading through the press release from HDS on their new AMS enhancements.  Hu Yoshida has blogged about the new features too (it makes a change to hear something different than another discussion on UVM).  There’s now HDP support as well as dense storage trays capable of holding 48 drives in 4U.  With all the new features, is there ... Read More »

Changing Times – Looking For New Work

So, at the end of the month my current work will be ending and I’ll be looking for some fresh challenges.  If anyone out there has need of a good Storage Consultant (that’s me by the way) for either part or full-time work then give me a shout. You can contact me via the blog, or have a look at my ... Read More »

Cloud Computing: Emulex Enterprise Elastic Storage (E3S)

Dave Graham posted an interesting article on his blog yesterday, relating to a new product from Emulex.  Called E3S or Emulex Enterprise Elastic Storage, the appliance (as it appears to be being positioned) allows block-level data to be migrated into the cloud for later access. Now there are a few interesting points here.  First, the discussion related to block-level data, ... Read More »

Personal Computing: No iPhone 3GS For Me (Yet)

With all the hype and news, I feel drawn to a post relating to the new iPhone 3GS.  Unfortunately my current mobile service provider is claiming I agreed to a 24-month contract about 14 months ago and without a way to prove it I’m stuck with them until next April.  Whilst I mull over getting a second ‘phone, I’ve been ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Barclays Bank Services Down Due to Storage Array Problems

It’s been reported in a few places that yesterday Barclays (UK bank) suffered an issue with a “disc array” (presumably they mean disk array) that took out their ATM and online banking systems.  See the comments here and here. Allegedly, Barclays now use USP-V arrays as their back-end storage devices, so presumably HDS USP-Vs were involved in yesterday’s problems.  Systems ... Read More »

Personal Computing: Apple Release the iPhone 3GS

OK folks, it’s here and I’m sure many of you have heard the announcement already.  Today at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) we saw the release of the next generation iPhone, snappily entitled, the iPhone 3GS – the “s” referring to the increase in speed of the new hardware. From the Twitter stream of live feeds and people’s comments, it was ... Read More »