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Enterprise Computing: USP-V – So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

So HDS’s announcement has turned out to be a complete disappointment.  What it’s not: It’s not new hardware. It’s not providing more physical capacity. It’s not providing dynamic tiering. It’s not providing enhanced replication technology. What is on offer is the ability to cluster USPs – a feature called Hitachi High Availability Manager.  By cluster, this means connect two USP ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: The New USP – A Dreary Storage Cluster?

Well, I truly hope not.  Let me just explain what I’m talking about and things may become a bit clearer. HDS have started their viral marketing for an announcement being made on 27th May.  Claus Mikkelsen’s latest blog entry asks us to guess what the announcement will be, based on an acronym of REGRADES OUR CLASSY TREAT. So, I think ... Read More »

EMC World 2009: Day 2 – Axxana

Day 2 of EMC World is here.  The weather is awful – thunderstorms and lots of water everywhere.  On the news this morning, they’d positioned a reporter by a large puddle, filming vehicles as they tried to get through a mere 6 inches of water.  At least it was better than normal US TV. So, back to the technology.  Yesterday ... Read More »

EMC World 2009 Day 1: Summary

Day 1 at this year’s EMC World is now over.  Did we see any game changing new technology or focus?  I don’t think so. So for me the day kicked of with Joe Tucci’s keynote speech.  Check it out here.  It’s the first time I’ve seen Tucci speak and he doesn’t come across to me as the most charismatic performer. ... Read More »

EMC World 2009: Day 1 – Is DMX The Last Monolithic Array?

As I  sit here at the start of EMC World Day 1, I’m pondering over some of the conversations of last night.  The direction EMC are taking with V-Max, the Atmos product and Clariion makes me wonder if DMX could be classed as the last of the (EMC) monolithic storage arrays. So, here’s the thinking.  DMX arrays started to use ... Read More »

EMC World 2009: Day 0

So EMC World is finally here.  Things kicked off Sunday evening with registration, catching up with old and new friends and a mini-concert by the Gin Blossoms (a band, being British, I’d never heard of).  Things went pretty much to form; everywhere was crowded, the food and drink queues were huge and a good time was had by all.   ... Read More »