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Enterprise Computing: 63% Of Firms Failing to Manage Storage Resources

Thanks to Glasshouse_Tech on Twitter for referencing this article.  Should we be surprised that 15% of respondents had no idea what their storage utilisation was? Not really. Firstly there’s the general wastage issue – discussed here. Then there’s the issue with SRM tools – The SRM Conundrum. Then there’s the problem with tool interoperability – SMI-S Is Dead. There’s also the issue with how ... Read More »

Review: Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System – Part I

It’s clear from recent technology announcements that storage is moving towards being a commodity offering.  Modular arrays are gaining in popularity as the underlying technology becomes more reliable.  Look at the hard disk drive; SATA devices are now capable of 1.2 million hours MTBF.  Vendors like 3Par, Equallogic/Dell and Compellent are increasing their market share as customers look for value ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Keep Your Storage Array for 10 Years And Get a £2000 Tradein

OK, I think it was cars the UK government were offering the discount on, not storage arrays.  It goes like this; the government has set aside £300m – you trade in a car over 10 years old and get £2000 off the cost of a new one, half funded by the government.  Apart from the obvious options to abuse this ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Is It The End for Independent HBA Vendors?

In a rollercoaster week for the storage industry, Broadcom have made an unsolicited offer to acquire Emulex at $9.25 a share.  Read the press release here.  Now this, the VMware announcement, Cisco’s UCS and EMC’s new V-Max array got me thinking.  Is there any future for independent HBA vendors? It goes like this; fibre channel is allegedly on the way ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: HDS Switches On Virtualisation For Free

There’s no doubting HDS‘ Universal Volume Manager (UVM), aka external storage virtualisation is a cool product.  I’ve used it many times – it does the job.  However, the main drawback to using the product for me was always cost (I mentioned this only a few weeks ago on this post).  Well, now that’s changed; until the end of this year, ... Read More »

VMware Announce vSphere 4

In case you haven’t noticed, the next chapter in the story of the unstoppable juggernaut that is VMware is here.  It’s called VMware vSphere 4 (dropping the Virtual Infrastructure moniker) but is still essentially the same as the previous VMware with incremental improvements.  The full story of what private and public clouds will be seems a long way off, however ... Read More »