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Enterprise Computing: The Inevitable FCoE

The world of Twitter has been debating the merits of Fibre Channel over Ethernet again.  It seems that I’m one of only a few that sees little point in moving to FCoE.  The only positive I see mooted for FCoE is the ability to put traffic over a single Host Bus Adaptor or Network Interface Card (in this case a ... Read More »

Cloud Computing: Misunderstanding Data Availability

As is widely reported (here by TechCrunch), Carbonite, an online backup service,  have lost customer data.  Another one of a long line-up of data losses, (whether partial or complete – which has taken some companies down) this demonstrates that relying on someone else to keep your data safe is not an infallible solution. Now, don’t forget I’m a fan of ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: The Long Term Future of Tape

It’s funny how a small comment made in a blog post strikes a note with people in different ways.  In this post on the potential Sun acquisition by IBM, I made the comment “tape doesn’t have a long-term strategic future in anyone’s business”.  D_Ced picked up on this and questioned me about it (see comment). Let me explain… I’ve been ... Read More »

Cloud Computing: Trawling the Toxic Wastedump

A quick Tweet with Chris Mellor just reminded me of something I touched on a few months ago but always meant to write about in more detail.  It’s a semi-serious analogy (it is Friday after all) but there’s a hint of the possible about it, so here goes. We’re all creating too much content.  Whether that’s at home or at ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Cisco, IBM, Sun & EMC – A Busy Week

It’s certainly been a busy week in the world of enterprise computing. First, Cisco announced their Unified Computing System – blade servers to you and me. UCS integrates blade servers with management functionality and the Unified Fabric.  What’s interesting is that Fibre Channel gets pushed out at this point in favour of either iSCSI or FCoE.  Whilst there’s plenty of ... Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Why Buy EMC?

Here’s an interesting article on Barrons.com which talks about EMC’s future market share and the risk of share being lost from the increasing acceptance of customers to consider technology from “lower cost” competitors. Enterprise arrays have been successful because they offer high reliability and availability.  This was achieved through monolithic designs of high cost components and a focus on engineering ... Read More »