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Storage Management: Aperi – It’s all over

It looks like the open storage management project Aperi has finally been put to rest. See this link. Storage Resource Management is in a woeful state. SNIA with their SMI-S initiative have failed to deliver anything of value. I’ve posted multiple times here and here about how bad things are. I’m not the only one: Martin’s Recent Post discussed it; ... Read More »

Personal Computing: Mangatars

It seems to be all the rage to change your Twitter image to a Manga avatar or Mangatar. Well, here’s mine. No doubt there will be plenty of people who will claim I’ve taken some artistic liberties, but I can’t answer for the lack of “features” in the software to fully capture my natural essence. Enjoy. _uacct = “UA-1104321-2″; urchinTracker(); Read More »

Enterprise Computing: Using USP for Migrations

Thanks to Hu Yoshida for the reference to a previous post of mine which mentioned using virtualisation (USP, SVC, take your pick) for performing data migrations. As Hu rightly points out, the USP, USP-V, NSC55 and USP-VM can all be used to virtualise other arrays and migrate data into the USP as part of a new deployment. However nothing is ... Read More »

Cloud Storage: Review – Dropbox

Over the last few weeks I’ve been using a product called Dropbox. This nifty little tool let’s you sync up your files from anywhere and across multiple platforms. It’s a perfect example of Cloud Storage in action. The Problem Keeping data in sync between multiple devices is a real issue. I use two laptops, a MacBook and a main PC ... Read More »

Off Topic: Dropping TweetDeck Refresh Rate

Slightly off topic and apologies for it, but I’ve been using Twitter for some time now and I normally use TweetDeck rather than the standard interface (although on the iPhone I use Tweetie). As follower numbers have increased, I’m finding one minute updates a distraction so I’ve dropped my refresh rate to something more manageable. General updates are now 15 ... Read More »

Personal Computing: MacBook Day 3

I’ve only just picked up my MacBook for the day; too much real work do to! Seriously though, my next issue is to decide how to edit my standard word and spreadsheet documents.  I’ve installed the latest version of OpenOffice and it works fine.  At least, it appears to work fine on simple documents.  Who knows how it would work ... Read More »