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Storage Predictions for 2009

It’s the end of another year and of course time to the obligatory posts on predictions in the industry for the next 12 months. True to form, I’ve spent some time thinking and here are my top 5 ruminations for the coming year. EMC join SPC. EMC will finally have the epiphany we’ve all been dreaming of and embrace the ... Read More »

Do You Really Need a SAN – Of Course You Do!

The wacky boys at Forrester have a great new article posted relating to the requirement to have a Storage Area Network. Here’s a link to their post. Tony Asaro and Hu Yoshida have both posted on the subject already but I couldn’t resist having my 2 cents. SANs evolved for very good reasons; the need to consolidate storage, the need ... Read More »

Redundant Array of Inexpensive Clouds – Pt II

In my previous post I started the discussion on how cloud storage could actually be useful to organisations and not be simply for consumer use. Standards One of the big issues that will arise is the subject of standards. To my knowledge, there is no standard so far which determines how cloud storage should be accessed and how objects should ... Read More »

HDS Play Catch Up

Second post today! So HDS have announced solid state disks. Here’s the post. They’re only 11 months behind EMC and once they’ve actually become available it will be nearly a full 12 months “late”. It’s interesting to note that HP haven’t (yet) made an equivalent announcement on XP. I imagine it will follow in the fullness of time, although its ... Read More »

Redundant Array of Inexpensive Clouds – Pt I

Storagezilla was quick to turn a Twitter conversation into a PR opportunity for EMC this week. Have a read. As one of the originators of this conversation, I’d intended to blog on it but was slightly beaten to print. Never mind, I’ve got more content to add to the discussion. The original question was whether IT departments with purely DAS ... Read More »

2V Or Not 2V (vendors that is)

Over on ITToolbox the age old subject of dual versus single vendor strategy has raised its head again. This time, the consensus, apart from yours truly, was that a single vendor strategy was best – mostly because it is easier to implement. I’m still of the opinion that a correctly executed dual-vendor strategy works well and can be achieved without ... Read More »