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I Hate iTunes!

iTunes has to be one of the worst applications Apple make. It it truly awful. I find it incredibly difficult to track where files came from, what’s on my iPod Touch and not, what are duplicates and so on. The poor interface means I have files littered about my hard drive and on my iPod which I can’t be sure ... Read More »

Home Storage Management – Week 1

So after discussions on home storage, I’m going to do a weekly cleanup/report on what I’ve achieved. Here’s the baseline; Main Server; 927GB of usable storage (via Drobo) – 768GB in use. (82.84%). In fact I’ve consolidated a pair of mirrored 400GB drives onto the Drobo to make the full 768GB, so I’ve already freed these drives to be removed. ... Read More »

Thin Provisioning or Good Practice, which is best? There’s only one way to find out – Fight!

Marc Farley makes some interesting comparisons to storage purchasing decisions in a recent post. For the sake of disclosure, I do go to Costco and buy in bulk – no not 200lbs of chicken wings, but those things that can be divided and/or frozen (like salmon and coffee) – and more crucially things that don’t become cheaper in price over ... Read More »

Eating My Own Dog Food

After my last post relating to personal data storage, I thought I’d spend some time and check out what I was currently using. On my main server, I store my data on a Drobo unit. The Drobo’s visualisation of data is to present a 2GB LUN, regardless of the installed drives. This is slightly misleading when analysing storage utilisation as ... Read More »

Just Delete It Claus, Just Delete It

Claus Mikkelsen has woken up recently and started posting after a large break. Perhaps he’s preparing for all those impending Christmas deliveries. Anyway, the crux of his post it to explain how he’s moved from 2-4TB of home storage rather than take the time to sort out the mess of his home data. He then goes on to detail lots ... Read More »

Decho – EMC Takes Over The World

Chris Mellor just announced the news that EMC have bundled their Pi and Mozy acquisitions into a single entity, branded as Decho. I was far too slow and Storagezilla beat me to the mandatory EMC post. So, with Mozy and Pi we now have our data and backups online in the EMC cloud – which conveniently arrived last week as ... Read More »