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Get the Balance Right

It’s not very often I side with one vendor or another however after BarryB’s recent post regarding “Benchmarketing” I feel obliged to comment. Have a read of Barry Whyte’s rebuttal too. We see technology advancements because “concept” devices are used to drive innovation but don’t necessarily translate directly to end-user products. Look at the fashion industry – some of the ... Read More »

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Here’s a quality piece of reporting from TechCrunch on the state of Facebook and their data problems. I mentioned just last week in this post about their data growth. It’s incredible that they’re purchasing a new Netapp 3070 filer each week! I’m surprised that Facebook would be continually purchasing NAS filers to grow their content. There must be a rolling ... Read More »

Pillar Crumbles

I picked this up last night on Mike Workman’s blog over at Pillar. Looks like they’re suffering the downturn. Storagezilla thinks this could be 30% of the workforce. I’m sure this is going to be one of many bad news stories from the storage industry we hear over the next few months. I’ve never understood the point of Pillar’s offering. ... Read More »

SMI-S Is Dead

Take it from me, SMI-S is a thing of the past. If there’s one thing the last few months have taught me it’s how different each vendor’s products really are. I’ve been working on a tool called SRA (see the link here) which will report on storage in a consistent manner. Let me tell you that isn’t easy… EMC Symmetrix/DMX ... Read More »

Understanding EVA – revisited

Thanks to all those who posted in response to Understanding EVA earlier this week, especially Cleanur who added a lot of detail. Based on the additional knowledge, I’d summarise again: EVA disks are placed in groups – usually recommended to be one single group unless there’s a compelling reason not to (like different disk types e.g. FC/FATA). Disk groups are ... Read More »

Virtualisation: LeftHand VSA Appliance – Part Two

In my previous post covering LeftHand’s Virtual Storage Appliance, I discussed deploying a VSA guest under VMware. This post discusses performance of the VSA itself. Deciding how to measure a virtual storage appliance’s performance wasn’t particularly difficult. VMware provides performance monitoring through the Virtual Infrastructure Client and gives some nice pretty graphs to work with. So from the appliance (called ... Read More »