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Beating the Credit Crunch

Yesterday was probably the worst day for the credit crunch and the global problems being experienced by banks. Recession is biting and without a doubt many companies are looking at how they can reduce their storage costs. Reducing costs doesn’t mean buying new hardware. Ask yourself some searching questions. Am I sure my configuration is optimally configured? Can I release ... Read More »

HP Power Calculators

A while back I mentioned a meeting I’d had with HP regarding Green IT (and in my case specifically storage). As part of the discussion, I asked Lucio Furlani (VP for Marketing in TSG) if we could have Power Calculations for HP storage. Well, true to their word, HP promised and have now delivered the first of a number of ... Read More »

InVista – EMC’s Problem Child

Remember when EMC offered a fabric-based storage virtualisation product called InVista? Apparently they still do, as a customer of mine mentioned recently. Unfortunately they had trouble getting any sort of decent reference site for the product and weren’t that impressed. I had a quick check on EMC’s site and the last press release for the product I could find was ... Read More »

How much is your hard drive worth?

Have you ever thought of renting out your hard drive? So here’s the problem. Everyone needs backup. Most people are too lazy or inept to perform backups regularly. There are tools out there to use. There are online tools too which will help with the problem – but there’s also a fee for using them (more about that later). The ... Read More »

Lehman Brothers hits the rocks

The latest casualty of the credit crunch is Lehman Brothers who have filed for Chapter 11 Bankrupcy protection. See the report here from the BBC. I worked for Lehman in the UK for a short period about 4 years ago. If their banking operations was run anything like IT, then there’s no surprise they are out of business today. I ... Read More »

Cisco WAAS Deployments

I’m currently working on a project which is investigating Cisco WAAS deployments and I’m looking to validate successful deployments of the Cisco products in a geographically distributed environment. Has anyone done this recently? More pertinent, is anyone prepared to share their experiences with me (in confidence if necessary)? _uacct = “UA-1104321-2″; urchinTracker(); Read More »