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Drobo Again

As previously discussed I’ve been gradually moving data over to my Drobo. I recently invested in a DroboShare, which lets me share the contents of the Drobo as NAS. Although I run my data through a Windows Server, I have been toying with the idea of having a large majority of the content available through a NAS share rather than ... Read More »

The cuts are happening again

The Register has reported that some UK banks are forcing their contractors to take a 10% pay cut or take a hike. It is usual for contractors to take the hit first as they are an easy target compared to terminating permanent staff and to be fair, as a contractor/consultant myself, if the chop comes then so be it, it’s ... Read More »

Size of the Storage Blogosphere

I use Feed Demon to track all of my RSS subscriptions. The product integrates with Newsgator online and now with the iPod Touch. The benefit of having an online location for synchronising my feeds means I can run multiple Feed Demon copies from the different laptops I use on a daily basis. I need this level of integration as I ... Read More »

Enterprise Connectivity with iPod Touch

Last year I blogged about my replacement iPaq after my previous one failed. As I said at the time, it was dull, dull and more dull. Earlier this year I bought an iPod Touch while in the US. It is a wonderful device. The screen is fantastic, the quality of the applications is great and the video is so watchable. ... Read More »

A Dying Industry (slightly off topic)

The BBC reported today of the next stages of the government and record companies’ attempts to crack down on illegal file sharing. Persistent offenders will have their internet connections cut off. Unfortunately, the genie is out of the bottle in terms of the ability for music to be copied and shared. In the late 90’s, I founded a music company ... Read More »

Recycling Drives – Update

Last week I posted about wasted hard drives, removed from arrays and crushed to prevent the leak of sensitive data. I contacted HGST and Seagate to get some additional background. Here are their responses, slightly edited to correct any spelling mistakes but otherwise intact. Seagate (a) when will the technology be deployed in Enterprise FC drives? Our OEMs are currently ... Read More »