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Keep Your Data for 200 Years – Why?

Courtesy of The Register, I followed their link to a company called Delkin (the data Belkin?) who are touting their premium Blu-Ray disks (BD-R) with a lifetime of 200 years (and 100 years for their DVD-R disks). Now, this all sounds wonderful; a “guaranteed protection over time” (whatever that means) for your “wedding photos, tax documents etc”. The trouble is, ... Read More »

Incipient Revisited

You will remember that I recently posted a comment about migration costs, specifically with relation to Incipient. My view was (and still is) that the majority of migration costs come from preparatory and remedial work rather than execution of the migration. Well, Incipient asked for the right of reply and I had a call last week with Robert Infantino, their ... Read More »

The Rise of SSDs

Sun recently announced that they will be putting solid state disks into all of their server and storage range of hardware. EMC already have solid state drives for DMX-4, which was announced in January this year. EMC have also stated that they think SSDs will reach a price parity with high end FC drives by 2010. All of a sudden ... Read More »

FC Enhancements

A comment posted to my previous blog entry reminds me of a requirement I’ve had for some time from Fibre Channel. In the “Good Old Days” in my first working life as a mainframe systems programmer, I could very easily see a breakdown of response time against each storage device on an LPAR. Now, the passing years may have given ... Read More »

Storage Migration Costs

I’ve not paid much attention to Incipient (their news page doesn’t provide an RSS feed, so there’s no chance of me seeing their press releases easily), but my attention was recently drawn to a recent release relating to their iADM and iNSP products (catchy names, those). Now, if you want to know about their products, have a look at their ... Read More »

Ah this is so accurate…

As a contractor/consultant I can totally relate to this list; I’m sure many of you can too. _uacct = “UA-1104321-2″; urchinTracker(); Read More »