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HP Give It Large

Yesterday afternoon I had an opportunity to meet with HP as part of an informal session to make contact with storage bloggers. HP are obviously interested in the possible benefits keeping the blogging community well informed could bring, however my blog is not to act as a mouthpiece for the HP marketing department and I’d suggest if you want to ... Read More »

UK Email and Phone Database

The BBC reported today that the UK government is planning a tracking database for all phone calls made and emails sent in the UK. This strikes me as an unbelievably stupid plan. In the first place, every UK citizen will be baulking at this incredible intrusion into civil liberties. Second, it is highly unlikely that the government could ever deliver ... Read More »

Nexsan going public

I’ve been reading the Nexsan statement announcing their intention to go public. I don’t know much about their products other than they sell high density storage systems. What intrigued me about reading the announcement is the amount of exposure to the internal operation of the business occurs when statements are made to SEC as part of a flotation. For instance, ... Read More »