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Controls in Place

I work with many companies in which the storage and server/platform teams have to sign in blood in order to receive suitable access to perform their day to day work. In fact, for some organisations, it can equate to 50% or more of their time. I’ve been there and I understand and have experienced the frustrations it creates. Compare this ... Read More »

HMRC Get Better And Better

Following on from the “inadvertent” loss of 25 million personal records, it appears that good old Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs have decided that online tax filing is not as secure as they may have indicated in the past (see BBC link). High profile celebrities, MPs and the Royal Family will not be allowed to post online. I have a ... Read More »

My Drobo Has Been Ordered

I’ve been mulling over for some time whether to purchase/evaluate the Drobo storage device. Up to now I’ve been put off by the lack of NAS support, as the device only supports USB2.0. However all that has changed; I read today that there’s now the DroboShare, which converts the Drobo into a NAS device. I’ve yet to see the full ... Read More »

EMC Stretches DMX Both Ways

EMC made two DMX-4 announcements today. At the top end, the first details solid state drives which replace standard spinning HDDs. At the bottom end the second announces new 1TB SATA-II drives (and other miscellaneous stuff). The solid state hard drive (or as Chuck Hollis describes it, the enterprise flash drive), isn’t just a small 1-2GB device; this is a ... Read More »

I Stand Corrected

In a previous post earlier this year I mentioned the Onaro purchase by Network Appliance. As I said at the time, I wasn’t aware Onaro’s SANScreen product even had a NAS module. It seems I was wrong, and thanks for Deni O’Connor for indirectly pointing it out. In fact, SANScreen now has NAS Insight which provides for NAS monitoring support. ... Read More »

Memory Lane

I thought I would spend some time tonight looking back at my blogging history. I first started writing stuff on a website I created called Storage Eye. The first “article” I wrote was posted in February 2002, almost 6 years ago. It was pretty crude stuff (the presentation, not the content), simply putting static pages up on a website. I ... Read More »