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Storage Standards – Arrays

Storage Standards – Arrays After a recent posting by Stephen I thought it would be good to discuss standards and the sort of standards I’d look to implement when designing an infrastructure from scratch. Obviously it isn’t always possible to start from a clean slate and consequently many sites have what I describe as “partial implementations of multiple standards” where ... Read More »

Storage Futures or is it Options?

One of the trickiest problems in the storage industry is managing demand. Internal customers seem to think that storage isn’t physical and we just have tons of the virtual stuff we can pick out of the air as required. I don’t think they expect to talk to the server teams and find they have dozens of servers sitting spinning just ... Read More »

PSSST….Green Storage

HDS announced today a few amendments to the AMS/WMS range. The most interesting is the apparent ability to power down drives which are not in use a-la-Copan. According to the press release above, the drives can be powered down by the user as necessary, which presents some interesting questions. Firstly, I guess this is going to be handled through a ... Read More »

NTFS Update

I did some more work on my NTFS issue on Friday. As previously mentioned, I was seeing NTFS filesystems with large levels of fragmentation even after drives were compressed. The answer turns out to be quite simple; Windows doesn’t consolidate the free space blocks which accumulate as files are created and deleted. So, as a test I started with a ... Read More »

Problems Problems

This week I’ve been working on two interesting (ish) problems. Well, one more interesting than the other, one a case of the vendor needing to think about requirements more. Firstly, Tuning Manager (my old software nemesis) strikes again. Within Tuning Manager it is possible to track performance for all LUNs in an array. The gotcha I found this week is ... Read More »

Pause for Thoughtput

I’ve just read a couple of Gary O’s postings over at Thoughtput, the blog from Gear6. In his article “Feeding the Virtual Machines”, he discussed NAS and SAN deployment for a virtual environment and makes the bold claim: “Most people tend to agree that NAS is easier and more cost effective than SANs for modern data center architectures.” I have ... Read More »