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Holiday is over…

I’m back from my annual summer break (hence the lack of posts for a couple of weeks). I managed to resist the temptation to go online while away (partly because I only had access to the ‘net via a 32K modem and mostly because of the hard stares from my wife every time I went near the computer)…. I addition, ... Read More »

Using that 8Gbps

Symantec/Veritas announced this week the release of Netbackup 6.5. It seems to me like the company has been talking about this version of the product forever and as is mentioned on other blogs, there are lots of new features to play with. The ones I’ve been looking forward to are called SAN Media Server and SAN Client. These allow the ... Read More »

8-gig fibre channel

The Register reported last week that Emulex and Qlogic have announced the imminent availability of 8Gbps fibre channel products. I have to ask the question…Is there any point? Firstly, according to the article, the vendors of switch products aren’t clarifying their position (both have 10Gb/s technology already). In addition, if a host can push data out at 8Gb/s levels, it ... Read More »

Patent Everything

Slightly off-post…. About 6 years’ ago on a previous life, I used to sell music online. That project failed, however one of the spin-offs I looked into was the concept of virtual jukeboxes. I guess the data issues were slightly storage related. A virtual jukebox would get its music tracks from a broadband connection and locally cache popular tracks. Anyway, ... Read More »

No Datacentres in Leicester?

I read something today that quoted BroadGroup’s 2006 Power and Cooling Survey. It states that the average UK datacentre uses more power in one year than the city of Leicester. Now, surely that means there can’t even be one average size datacentre in Leicester, or no-one else in the City uses electricity…. _uacct = “UA-1104321-2″; urchinTracker(); Read More »

Recyclable Storage

I’ve just had the details through of our new recycling “rules” at home. I now have *four* bins; one for bottles, one for green/garden waste, one for recyclables (plastic bottles, paper, etc) and one for remaining rubbish. Theoretically you’d think that there would be almost nothing in the main bin, but surprisingly, lots of plastic items aren’t recyclable, like yogurt ... Read More »