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Getting more from Device Manager

I complained on a previous post about the lack of features in Device Manager. Consequently I’ve started writing some software to alleviate this situation. Here’s the first of hopefully a series of tools to plug some of the gaps. HDvM Checker will query a host running Device Manager & HDLM agent and return the version. Just enter a host name ... Read More »

SATA in Enterprise Arrays

In a previous post on DMX-4 I discussed the use of SATA drives in enterprise arrays. A comment from our Storage Anarchist challenged my view of the resilience of SATA drives compared to FC. Now unless I’ve been sleeping under a rock, the storage industry has over the last 5 years pummelled us with the warning that SATA are not ... Read More »

EMC posts higher earnings

EMC posted higher earnings today. Some 21% up on the same quarter last year. It’s amazing they’ve been able to manage double-digit growth for some 16 quarters. Interestingly (as reported by The Register) the shares ended the day down. However the shares have risen by over 100% over the last 12 months and since March have risen steadily, so investors ... Read More »

VTL Poll Results

The VTL poll is finished; results are: We’ve had it for years – 41% We’ve done a limited implementation – 14% We’re evaluating the technology – 27% VTL doesn’t fit within our strategy – 14% We see no point in VTL technology – 5% Obviously this poll is highly un-scientific but it seems most people agree that VTL is worth ... Read More »

EMC Power – link?

Thanks to Barry/Mark for their posts/comments on power usage. Call me stupid (and people do) but I can’t find the EMC Power Calculator for download on Powerlink as ‘zilla suggests (although I did find a single reference to it). Can you post the link guys? Is it EMC internal only? If so, any chance on sharing it with us? If ... Read More »

DMX-4 Green or not?

After the recent EMC announcements on DMX-4, I promised I would look at the question of whether the new DMX-4 is really as green as it claims to be. I did some research and the results are quite interesting. Firstly we need to set the boundaries. One of the hardest part of comparing hardware from different manufacturers is that they ... Read More »