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Using Tuning Manager for something useful – Part I

Stephen commented about Tuning Manager and doing something useful with the data. I thought I would use this as an opportunity to highlight some of the things I look at on a regular basis (almost daily, including today in fact). Part I – Write Pending. First a little bit of background; Write Pending is a measure of unwritten write I/Os ... Read More »

Responding to Comments

I’m not quite sure what the right way is to respond to posts; If I comment after them, then there’s a chance that the responses might be missed. Anyway I will attempt to go back and check all those comments I’ve not responded to. First, here’s a response to Cedric’s question, on VMware; What I was referring to was the ... Read More »

Hardware Replacement Lifecycle

How do you replace your hardware? I’ve always thought a sound technology replacement lifecycle is essential. Brand new arrays are great. You can’t wait to get them in and start using the hardware and before you know it, they are starting to fill up. If you didn’t order a fully populated array (and if we are buying DMX-3, then that’s ... Read More »

Device Manager Update

More constructive Device Manager issues are posted here: Device Manager Issues. _uacct = “UA-1104321-2″; urchinTracker(); Read More »

HiCommand Export

Has anyone tried to use the HiCommand database transfer command (hcmdsdbtrans)? You can use it to export the contents of a database for later re-importation. I’ve been looking at it as a way to get a Device Manager test environment, or to get a configuration between sites where there’s no IP connectivity. The command produces a configuration file which as ... Read More »

New Poll – VTL

As VTL has pictured recently, I thought I’d make that the subject of the next poll. It should be up on the right-hand side bar now. _uacct = “UA-1104321-2″; urchinTracker(); Read More »