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Using VTLs

The discussion on EMC’s VTL has got StorageZilla and other EMC’ers a little excited. It stems from Barry’s post on the DL6000, a Godzilla of a VTL as I’ve previously discussed before. I think it is worthwhile reviewing the exact point of having a VTL in the first place. Tape has issues and we all know it. They break, wear ... Read More »

Mine’s Bigger than yours – Part Deux

Old Barry’s at it again with the DMX pitch, this time for VTL. Here’s a quick comparison with Copan’s Revolution 220TX system and the specification of the DL6100 from EMC’s website. Copan Revolution 220TX Single Cabinet 896 drives (500GB SATA) Power (max): 6368 watts Throughput: 5.2TB/hour Capacity: 448TB max Emulation: 56 libraries, 56 drives, 8192 virtual cartridges EMC DL6000 7 ... Read More »

Trusting TrueCopy

For those people who use TrueCopy on a daily basis, you’ll know that the assignment of a TrueCopy pair is based on a source and target storage port, host storage domain and LUN. This means a LUN has to be assigned out to replicate it. The part that has always worried me is the fact that the target LUN does ... Read More »

Thin Provisioning – Cisco Style

There have been so many discussions on thin provisioning since the Hitachi USP-V announcement. When a major player takes on a specific technology, all of a sudden we realise that everyone else has already been doing it. Tony Asaro’s post probably provides the best summary of those who do it today. One vendor not appearing on the list is Cisco. ... Read More »

New Product Announcement,,,

There’s another new product out this week from HP – the XP24000… It seems to have some similarities to another product launch, 224 ports, thin provisioning, partitioning… _uacct = “UA-1104321-2″; urchinTracker(); Read More »

Poll Results

Thanks to everyone who voted in the poll on Optimiser/Cruise Control; seems like most people like the recommendations but don’t trust it to make automatic changes. I’ve got a new poll running for the next month – tell me what you think about USP-V. Now I’m *sure* there will be lots of opinion on this…. _uacct = “UA-1104321-2″; urchinTracker(); Read More »