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What’s your favorite fruit? EMC versus HDS

Nigel has posted the age old question, which is best EMC or HDS? For those who watch Harry Hill - there’s only one way to sort it out – fiiiiight! But seriously, I have been working with both EMC and HDS for the last 6 years on large scale deployments and you can bet I have my opinion – Nigel, ... Read More »

Optimisation tools

Large disk arrays can suffer from an imbalance of data across their RAID/parity groups. This is inevitable even if you plan your LUN allocation as data profiles change over time and storage is allocated and de-allocated. So, tools are available. Think of EMC Optimizer, HDS Cruise Control and Volume Migrator. I’ve put a poll up on the blog to see ... Read More »

Goodbye ASNP

It’s all over. ASNP is no more. Not really a surprise as it stood for nothing useful. With 2500 members, it could have been so much more, however I think it won’t be missed. _uacct = “UA-1104321-2″; urchinTracker(); Read More »

Kryptonite Discovered!

Totally off post but fantastic non the less!! Kryptonite Discovered _uacct = “UA-1104321-2″; urchinTracker(); Read More »

Hurrah for EMC

Hurrah! EMC has implemented SMI-S v1.2 in ControlCenter and DMX/Clariion (although the reference on the SNIA website seems to relate to SMI-S v1.1). Actually it seems that you need ECC v6.0 (not out yet and likely to be a mother of an upgrade from the current version) and I’d imagine the array support has been achieved using Solutions Enabler. So ... Read More »

Simulator Update

Following a few comments on the previous simulator post, it doesn’t look like there are any more simulators out there for general use. If anyone does know – feel free to comment! _uacct = “UA-1104321-2″; urchinTracker(); Read More »