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Uh Oh Domino

It seems that the world is moving to Exchange for email messaging. Unfortunately there are some of us still using Lotus Notes/Domino. As a messaging product, it seems to me to be reasonably efficient; our Domino servers can support upwards of a thousand users, perhaps 1-2TB of Notes mailboxes. Domino stores the mailboxes as individual files with the .nsf extension. ... Read More »

WWN Decoder

As pointed out by Richard, my WWN decoder stopped working when I redid my website. Here’s a new link; http://www.brookend.com/html/resources/wwndecoder.asp. _uacct = “UA-1104321-2″; urchinTracker(); Read More »

Developing a Tiering Strategy

Implementing a storage tiering strategy is a big thing these days. Everyone should do it. If you don’t then you’re not a “proper” storage administrator. Being serious and moving away from the hype for a second, there is a lot of sense in implementing tiering. It comes down to 1 thing – cost. If disk and tape storage was free, ... Read More »

Standards for Measuring Performance

I had a bit of banter following a post I made on ITToolbox earlier in the week. The question was posed as to why major disk array vendors (other than Netapp) don’t produce performance statistics. There are benchmarks; the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation and Storage Performance Council for instance. However SPEC only covers NAS and neither HDS and EMC sign ... Read More »

Software Shortcomings

I was invited last week to speak at the first (of hopefully) many HDS User Forums in the UK. The subject was Storage Resource Management and I talked on the subject and my thoughts for about 30 minutes. One slide generated the most interest and I’ve included it here. It shows some of the issues current SRM products have and ... Read More »

Backing Up Branches

I’ve spent the last few weeks being heavily involved in a storage performance issue. Unfortunately I can’t discuss the details as they’re too sensitive (in fact, I can’t even mention the TLA vendor in question), however it did make me think more about how we validate a storage architecture design will actually work. As part of another piece of work ... Read More »