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iSCSI Part 3 (or is it part 4)

I’ve done the last part of my iSCSI evaluation. Previously I looked at the protocol itself and the ways to secure data. Transmission needs to be secured by either IPsec for a shared network or a dedicated network infrastructure. The last part of the jigsaw I checked out was how to validate the client; basic iSCSI authentication uses simply the ... Read More »

Is ASNP another SNIA?

I received this email this week for the very first ASNP UK Chapter meeting (ASNP is a US based user association for storage people): Dear ASNP Chapter Members of the UK, Due to low registration numbers, we have decided to cancel the February 23rd ASNP Chapter meeting which was to be sponsored by QLogic. My apologies for any inconvenience this ... Read More »

Long term data retention

I spent some time earlier this week talking to COPAN. They produce high density storage systems, but not the sort of arrays you’d use for traditional data storage. Their product is pitched at the long term persistent storage market. I’m sure you can read the website if you’re interested however, I hadn’t really thought through what this kind of technology ... Read More »


Totally off-subject but it snowed today in the UK. Most people hate it, I love it. We had this snowman built before breakfast….. _uacct = “UA-1104321-2″; urchinTracker(); Read More »

Write Acceleration

Reading Sangod’s recent post on write acceleration, I couldn’t help writing a response, as I’ve been looking at this whole subject recently. First of all, I don’t disagree with the concept of synchronous. Yes, the I/O must be confirmed (key word there) at the remote and local site before the host is given acknowledgement of the I/O being complete. Typically, ... Read More »

#5 – The Maths

I want to be able to understand some of the numbers which are used to describe global warming issues. Firstly, as most of my “professional” pollution is from equipment which uses electricity, a statement on the amount of CO2 produced in the generation of electricity would be useful. The figures used by Defra, the UK Environment Agency, contained in this ... Read More »