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Understanding Statistics

I’ve been reading a few IDC press releases today. The most interesting (if any ever are) was that relating to Q3 2006 revenue figures for the top vendors. It goes like this: Top 5 Vendors, Worldwide External Disk Storage Systems Factory Revenue 3Q2006 (millions) EMC: $927 (21.4%)HP: $760 (17.6%)IBM: $591 (13.7%)Dell: $347 (8.0%)Hitachi: $340 (7.9%) So EMC comes out on ... Read More »

Modular Storage Products

I’ve read a lot of posts recently on various storage related websites asking for comparisons of modular storage products. By that I’m referring to “dual controller architecture” products such as the HDS AMS, EMC Clariion and HP EVA. The questions come up time and time again, usually comparing IBM to EMC or HP and little comparison to HDS, but lots ... Read More »


Lots of people are talking about how we need a new way to protect our data and that RAID has had it. Agreed, going RAID6 gives some benefits (i.e. puts off the inevitable failure by a factor again), however the single problem to my mind with RAID today is the need to read all the other disks when a real ... Read More »

How low can they go!

I love this picture. Toshiba announced today that they are producing a new 1.8″ disk drive using perpendicular recording techniques. This drive has a capacity of 100GB! It will be used on portable devices such as music players; its only 54 x 71 x 8 mm in size, weighs 59g and can transfer data at 100MB/s using an ATA interface. ... Read More »

Is the Revolution Over?

I noticed over the weekend that http://www.storagerevolution.com’s website was down. Well it’s back up today, but the forums have disappeared. I wonder, is the revolution over for JWT and pals? _uacct = “UA-1104321-2″; urchinTracker(); Read More »