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A rival to iSCSI?

I’ve said before, somethings just pass you by, and so it has been with me and Coraid. This company uses ATA-over-Ethernet, a lightweight IP storage protocol to connect hosts to their storage products. It took me a while before I realised how good this protocol could be. Currently iSCSI uses TCP/IP, which encapsulates SCSI commands within TCP packets. This creates ... Read More »

Brocade on the up

Brocade shares were up 10.79% today. I know they posted good results but this is a big leap for one day. I wish I hadn’t sold my shares now! To be fair, I bought at $4 and sold at $8 so I did OK – and it was some time ago. So does this bode well for the McDATA merge? ... Read More »

Backup Trawling

I had a thought. As we back up more and more data (which we must be, as the amount of storage being deployed increases at 50-100% per year, depending on who you are) then, there must be more of an issue finding the data which needs to be restored. Are we going to need better tools to trawl the backup ... Read More »

Virtually There

VMware looks like it is going to be a challenge; I’m starting to migrate standard storage tools into a VMware infrastructure. First of all, there’s a standard VMware build for Windows (2003). Where should the swap file go? How should we configure the VMFS that it sits on? What about the performance issues in aligning the Windows view of the ... Read More »

Continuous Protection

I’ve been looking at Continuous Data Protection products today, specifically those which don’t need the deployment of an agent and can use Cisco’s SANTap technology. EMC have released RecoverPoint (a rebadged product from Kashya) and Unisys have SafeGuard. SANTap works by creating a virtual initiator, duplicating all of the writes to a standard LUN (target) within a Cisco fabric. This ... Read More »