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HDS Virtualisation

I may have mentioned before that I’m working on deploying HDS virtualisation. I’m deploying a USP100 with no disk (well 4 drives, the bare minimum) virtualising 3x AMS1000 with 65TB of storage each. So now the tricky part; how to configure the storage and present it through the USP. The trouble is; with the LUN size that the customer requires ... Read More »

EMC Direction

EMC posted their latest figures. So they’re quoting double digit revenue growth again (although I couldn’t get the figures to show that). My question is; where is EMC going? The latest DMX and Clariion improvements are just that – performance improvements over the existing systems. I don’t see anything new here. The software strategy seems to be to purchase lots ... Read More »

Data Migration Strategies

Everyone loves the idea of a brand-new shiny SAN or NAS infrastructure. However over time this new infrastructure needs to be maintained. Not just at the driver level, but eventually arrays, fabrics and so on. So, data migration will become a continous BAU process we’ll all have to adopt. Whilst I think further, I’ve distilled the requirements into some simple ... Read More »

More on Virtual Tape

Last week I talked about virtual tape solutions. On Monday HDS released the news that they’re reselling Diligent’s VTL solution. From memory, when I last saw this about 12 months ago, it was a software only solution for emulating tape, sure enough that’s still the same. Probably the more useful thing though is ProtecTIER, which scans all incoming data and ... Read More »

Performance End to End

Performance Management is a recurring theme in the storage world. As fibre channel SANs grow and become more complex, the very nature of a shared infrastructure becomes prone to performance bottlenecks. Worse still, without sensible design (e.g. things like not mixing development data in with production) production performance can be unnecessarily compromised. The problem is, there aren’t really the tools ... Read More »

Virtual tape libraries

I previously mentioned virtual tape libraries. Two examples of products I’ve been looking at are Netapp’s Nearstore Virtual Tape Library and ADIC’s Pathlight products. Both effectively simulate tape drives and allow a virtual tape to be exported to a physical tape. Here are some of the issues as I see it: 1. How many virtual devices can I write to? ... Read More »