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ECC Lite

I’ve talked previously about management tools. I don’t think we’ll see a unified “one tool fits all” solution. However in the meantime I think there are some things we can do; So, ECC, huge product, lots of features. What happens if you want to do a little configuration work but don’t want to deploy an entire ECC infrastructure. I suggest ... Read More »

Pushing the datacentre distances

I’ve been wrestling with a couple of architecture issues over the last few weeks. They are interlinked; but stand alone as separate issues. First is three datacentre. So imagine a scenario where there is a normal datacentre pair, reasonably close to each other. New rules require another datacentre some distance away, which will be out of zone. This means a ... Read More »

Device Manager TNG & Central Storage Management

Right, I’ve got Device Manager 5 installed pending installation of Tuning Manager 5. Agreed, the layout looks better (shame it is all still Java, my least programming tool). Now I need to generate some data. But yes it looks better. Old JWT at DrunkenData seems to think www.storagerevolution.com is still alive. Here’s his recent post discussing the site plans. Unfortunately ... Read More »

The missing storage generation

My Tuning Manager issues go on; there’s obviously a problem with the version I’m using – reports don’t work correctly even after the re-install. However one, small side effect, I picked up the wrong subsystems to monitor after a reboot of the TM server. This was because I didn’t follow the instructions and ensure that the LUN binding remained the ... Read More »

Tuning Manager Again; Virtualising Tape

Tuning Manager didn’t work properly. I needed to re-install it. Unfortunately I got into an infinite loop. The uninstall process requested I start one of the Tuning Manager services, when I did and tried again, the uninstall failed asking me to stop all services…whoa. So, strategically thinking, where should backup be virtualised? There are virtualising options to completely virtualise the ... Read More »

Tuning Manager, storage on storage

I’ve done more work on Tuning Manager today and added a number of systems for collection. I’m not keen on the interface (currently using version 4.1) and so will be getting version 5.0 installed quickly. The proof of the pudding will be in the information I get out of the product. I’ll give it a few days then start to ... Read More »